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What is True Wireless Stereo (TWS)?

How many speakers can be paired together?

Do the speakers work with an iPhone, Android or other smart phones?

Do the speakers work with iPads, tablets, computers, etc?

Can the speakers be used with Amazon Dot, Echo, Alexa or Google?

Can the speakers be used with iPods? What about the 7th Generation iPod?

Why does the speaker periodically make a noise that sounds like a ringtone?


How do I connect My Heavy Metal speakers to each other (stereo) and to a Bluetooth enabled device?

How do I control the volume on My Heavy Metal speakers?

[V] How do I charge my speaker(s)?


I am having trouble connecting or using my speaker(s). What do I do?

I tried the simple Bluetooth reset but I’m still not able to connect or use my Speaker(s). What else can I try?

I can only get one speaker to play and not two in stereo. How do I get them both to play together?